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Fixed Metal and Clear Braces

Orthodontic braces straighten and shift teeth with gentle forces into correct positions. The treatment aims to addresses concerns including crowding, spacing, overjet, crossbite and underbite. Advances in material brackets now makes braces brackets smaller, easier and more efficient.


Metal Braces

The most conventional fixed braces are metal braces. Metal braces composes of metal brackets, titanium archwire and elastic bands. They are effective and suited in resolving most types of orthodontic mal-occlusions

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Clear Braces

Like traditional metal braces, clear braces uses the same concepts but its brackets are clear using ceramics or transparent plastics. Clear braces are suited for you if you want a less noticeable look.

Who are candidates for fixed braces?


Excessive Spacing


Cross Bite

Fixed appliance braces is done for everyone after your adult teeth has fully erupted. Braces aim to address issues including:

  • Underbites
  • Crossbites 
  • Open bites
  • Deep bites
  • Over-crowded teeth
  • Spaced out teeth

Orthodontics does not aim to  improve your cosmetic appearance, different orthopedic appliances or surgical correction can guide jaw and facial growth that may be done before or be used in conjunction with braces to correct skeletal abnormalities.

Why straighten teeth?

  1. Crowding or spacing makes keeping your teeth clean more difficult. Aligned teeth are easier to brush, floss and clean in preventing cavities and oral diseases.
  2. If teeth are crooked and your bite is not aligned, chewing may be painful or inefficient that can leading to mal-nutrition. Aligned bite enbles proper chewing.
  3. An irregular bite creates unnecessary wear that can cause broken teeth, damaged gums, bones or even tooth loss. 
  4. Deep bite and crossbite cases can develop into permanent, unwanted changes in skeletal growth. Braces can help resolve issues if detected and resolved early.

Where should I go for my braces treatment?

At our CIDC metal and clear braces chiangmai clinic has a top team of dental specialists for your orthodontic treatments :

  1. Our orthodontists are experts in the field of orthodontics. Orthodontists are dentists that go through full-time with additional years of training and residency before being certified.
  2. Our chiang mai dental clinic provides for a clean sterilized environment with intral control system. All instruments and equipment used are centrally checked for patient safety and standardized services.
  3. Convenient location and easy to reach. CIDC dental clinic is located in chiang mai’s main city center area on Nimman Road.
  4. Follows international standards. ISO and JCI standards are used within our internal management and system flows.
  5. Part of  a trusted award-winning dental clinic network with peace of mind on long-establishment in providing professional dental services.

Metal and Clear Braces Treatment Process

Starting your metal braces or clear braces treatment is easy. Simple make an enquiry with us at our contact form to schedule an appointment. Checkup and consultation is complimentary at CIDC clear braces chiangmai dental clinic. Below are the treatment steps for a typical fixed braces process: 


1. Consultation with your orthodontists to check if braces is required for you and the various available options.

x-ray CIDC

2. An panoramic and celphlometric x-ray and study model is taken for diagnoses.


3. Any pre-orthodontic treatment is cleared such as dental fillings, teeth cleaning or treatment of gum disease.


4. Metal or clear brackets are placed onto teeth surfaces by your orthodontist.


5. Monthly visits are made in checking the progress of your orthodontic treatment and for any adjustments.


 6. On completion of treatment, your dentist removes the attachments. Post treatment x-rays are taken and a tooth impression is taken for retainers.

Types of Fixed Braces Treatments

There are various options for fixed orthodontic braces at CIDC metal and clear braces chiangmai dental clinic that include: 

  1. Metal Braces

    • Metal brackets with standard o-ring elastics bands used for majority of fixed braces cases

  2. Clear Braces

    • Ceramic or tooth-colored brackets with o-ring elastic bands to make your orthodontic treatment less visible.

  3. Self-ligating Braces

    • Brackets have  special catch metal or clear mechanisum that holds the titanium archwire in place. Therefore, there is no o-ring elastic bands.

  4. Lingual Braces

    • Metal brackets that are placed on inner or internal side of teeth. Available only in Bangkok alliance center as a lingual orthodontic specialists is required to perform this technique.