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What are dental implant bridges?

If you have several missing teeth together in one row, dental implant bridges may be done. Multiple missing gaps may be restored more economically together using 2 or more implant posts and a bridge placed over the posts.

If teeth are in separate locations, implant crowns and/or a combination of implant bridges may be opted.

Several Missing Teeth

3 Missing Teeth

2 implants with bridge of 3 unit crowns

tooth implant bridges

4 Missing Teeth

3 implants with bridge of 4 unit crowns


2 Missing Teeth

2 implants crowns

FAQs on Dental Implant Bridges

Anyone can do teeth implants:

  • a permanent missing tooth
  • has sufficent bone support and condition
  • full grown jaw
ทำฟัน ราคา

To replace missing gaps, treatment options include:

  1. dentures
  2. dental bridges
  3. dental implants


Dentures is the most economical solution whereby false set of teeth are made and anchored to existing teeth or fitted over jaw gums

tooth bridge

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are only recommended for 1 to 2 missing gaps in a row and there is existing adjacent teeth to the gap. If there are several missing teeth, dental implants protheses is preferred to avoid placing heavy biting load over current natural supporting teeth that holds the bridge. 


Dental Implants

Dental implants is the recommended and ideal missing gaps replacement solution. Teeth implants provide a natural biting load function and is simliar to having new tooth roots. They are fixed and easy to clean and maintain.

Dental Implant

Teeth implants are the ideal treatment option for missing gaps because there is no need to rely on surrounding or existing teeth for anchorage or support. The implant posts acts are a new tooth root. Therefore, you are able to have the same natural chewing force and feel as a natural tooth once your implants has healed.

Unlike dental bridges, adjacent teeth to the missing gap needs to in relatively good condition for your dentist to build a dental bridge. Also if there is are many missing teeth in a row between existing teeth, a long span bridge is not recommended because  the anchorage teeth becomes heavily loaded. Over the long term, these natural anchored teeth may become loose leading to additional loss of teeth. 

For dentures, these are removable prostheses. So unlike dental implants bridges that are fixed, you will need to take care of your dentures daily. Dentures can also slip and slide and may not fit well. It is less asethetically looking and you are not able to place natural biting force that dental implant prosthese may better provide.

The costs for teeth implants will depend on the number of implant posts required. The cost quoted for a dental implant for most dental clinics normally include the implant posts, abutment and a standard crown that could range from 29,000 baht to 90,000 baht. You will have to take note and ask your dental implant if the quoted price you receive is for the full teeth implant treatment or it is only for the implant post. Some dental clinics separate the implant posts and abutment/crowns costs to appear cheaper.

There are many brands and ranges of teeth implants. An implant from Korean is likely costs a lot less than one from Switzerland or Sweden. Implant manufacturing and brands differ in terms of their quality control, their material strength and case research studies on implant design. 

For several missing gaps, if you have 3 missing gaps, 2 implant posts with a bridge of 3 unit crowns may be required. To calculate its total costs, you will take the costs of 2 single implant crown adding this with one pontic crown. A pontic crown is the false teeth held between anchored implant crown within a bridge.

Why seek dental implants at CIDC Chiang mai implant dental clinic?

dental implant chiang mai

Chiang Mai International Dental Center (CIDC) has a dental implant specialist center:

  1. Our implantologists are well experienced oral surgeons each with more than 10 years of experience. Many of whom are also lecturer at their univeristy in their area of expertise.  We have american board certified implant prosthodontist. 
  2. All  implant treatment equipment and instruments at CIDC follows strict sterilization contols and verifications of selection of materials. We provide for a clean and safe environment to patients at all times
  3. Convenient location.  CIDC dental clinic is located in the main city of chiang mai.
  4. Abides by international standards. Our dental clinic in chiang mai uses ISO and JCI compliant standards for its control process flows.
  5. Well-establihsed dental network clinic. CIDC is part of Thailand’s award-winning dental clinic network group with over 12 years of experience in provision of dental services. 

Implant Replacement Solutions

single crown implant

Single Missing Tooth

Dental Implant crown

Single Tooth
Several Missing Teeth

Multiple Missing teeth

Tooth Implant Bridge

Multiple Teeth
full mouth implant denture

Full Mouth Missing Teeth

Implant dentures, implant full bridges, ProArch (All-on-4) 

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