General Dentistry and Prevention

Why visit your dentist?

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Prevention is better than cure

Most people visit the dentist only when there are teeth problems. In reality, we should visit our dentist for a general dentistry on a professional dental checkup annually to check and prevent teeth problems from occuring that can lead to longer term issues. Early detection of teeth decay can be resolved with simple treatments. 

Early tackling of teeth problems will spare you discomfort, prevent the loss of teeth and tends o be less expensive to treat. Simple general dentistry treatments include :

  • dental checkup and x-rays
  • tooth fillings
  • teeth cleaning, scaling & polishing with conventional brushes or airflow 
  • fluoride application
  • sealants

Is dental check necessary?

During a typical dental checkup, your dentist takes a look at your teeth to detect potential caries and your gum condition. Your dentist may request for an x-ray to be taken if possible issues is suspected or taken for a thorough check. If decay is deteted on the surface or under the gum, it can be treated easily and immediately with dental fillings.

Do I still need a dental checkups even if I have no dental problems?

YES. Everyone needs to see their dentist for a checkup. The recommended period is every 6 months or at least once a year. Older adults are at risk for getting teeth cavities, gum disease and mouth cancer. You may not feel any pain or discomfort until oral issues become advanced.

What causes teeth decay and teeth problems?

The primary cause of teeth decay and oral diseases is plaque. Dental plaque is a group of bacteria that penetrates into soft tissues in and around teeth and grows with food waste. Plaque digest food debris that is not cleaned away that is acidic which erodes teeth enamel that leads to dental caries. If plaque is not properly cleaned, soft plaque that attaches on the teeth hardens to become dental calculus. If calculus is left untreated, tooth decay, toothaches and gum issues such as periodontitis can occur.

What are common General & Preventive Treatments? What is involved?

Preventive dentistry

often relates to the education of the public community to prevent teeth problems. Early detection and tackling of teeth problems with general dentistry without so serious teeth problems does not occur. At Chiang mai dental clinic, checkup and consultation is a complimenatry service. You can ask your dentist for free advise on oral hygiene instructions and how to maintain a healthy smile over the long fun.

General dentistry

refers to simple treatments such as x-rays, professional teeth cleaning and dental fillings that resolves early teeth problems as well as keeps teeth and gums healthy.

  1. Oral Examination Your dentist thoroughly examines teeth by eye or with an intra-oral camera to detect teeth problems, disease or progression of the disease for diagnosis. Your dentist then plans an appropriate treatment.
  2. Radiography (Dental X-ray) Your dentist use radiography images as information in conjunction with oral examination to detect the occurrence of diseases such as tooth decay, wisdom teeth, etc. that cannot be seem by eye obeservation.
  3. Teeth cleaning, scaling, polishing Your dentist removes plaque and calculus. Conventional brush, floss and scaler are normally used during teeth cleaning and scaling. Teeth polishing may be done using conventional dental polishing brush or ultrasonic airflow watersprays that combines powdered water and air to clean and polish teeth surfaces.
  4. Fluoride application is an important mineral for enamel strength that also helps inhibit the growth of bacteria. Fluoride application may be done to prevent teeth decay or reduce teeth sensitivity.
  5. Sealants and preventive resins are minimally invasive direct restorations on the tooth protects teeth surface with a layer to prevent decay.
  6. Dental fillings are direct restorations where your dentist fills the hole after removing decays in teeth. 
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