Dental reviews and Case Gallery at CIDC Dental Clinic

“Great communication… Dentist was patient and gentle” 

Dental review by Ms Stephanie and Mr Craig, both received 8 porcelain veneers.

 “Felt it was most professional, great efficiency, gave support. I’m very pleased”.

Ms Gill from USA provides review after having 18 veneers.

“It has increased by confidence and changed my life. Service is gracious and caring.”

Mr Anthony from Australia had smile makeover with crowns and veneers to correct prior dental works.

“I was very happy, it was very quick, very efficient. Friendly and professional. I felt comfortable”

Ms Dorthy reviews on having 8 crowns and veneers.

“Its cost effective for major dental care. Very Professional and clean. I feel more confident!”

Mr Badenhorst from Australia provides patient review on 18 crowns.

“The dentist, nurses, staff were good. All smiles around”

Mr Liwaa gives an Australian dental review on dental crowns.

“Its great to have a great smile and eat food!”

Ms Coral reviews after having dental implants, crowns and veneers treatments.

“I made right decision to have implants done here. I’m very satisified with the work treatments done. There was no pain at all!”

American physicists from USA travels for dental implants in Thailand.

 “I had exceptional treatment. The service, doctors, staff are amazing. They talks you through everything. Wonderful!”

Mr Wells reviews having dental implants and crowns done.

“I can totally recommend to others. I feel got my smile back again! You are absolutely the best”

Ms Borrill from New Zealand provides her feedback after root canal treatment, fillings and crowns

“The service that I received here is very gracious. There is a specialist for each portion of work”

Mr Anthony from Australia recommended by his doctor provides his review on dental implants, root canal and crowns treatments.

“I was pleasantly surprised at their conservative attitude. I was provided with all the information that I needed to make decisions about my treatment. I’m no longer embarrassed!”

Dental review by Ms Katherine from Brisbane

“As I work as a model and as an actor, I cannot use braces, so the doctor recommended invisalign. Now my teeth are all straighten up and all white well. It’s very clean here. The equipment is very modern”

Mr Andre from Norway provides his comments on invisalign review.

“I’m really thankful for what I’ve done here. I feel great after the treatment. because my teeth looks perfect with nice smile. Perfectly Good!”

Ms Lu from Singapore on having invisalign and teeth whitening in Thailand.

The above dental cases and patient reviews on cosmetic dentistry are done at Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) – an alliance clinic of Chiang Mai International Dental Center. You are able to read more on BIDC Youtube channel.