Single Missing Tooth – Dental Implant Crown

What is a dental implant crown?

An implant crown is an ideal single missing tooth replacement solution. It acts simliar to having a new tooth root placed into the jaw bone. A dental crown or fake tooth is placed over the implant post that is secure and natural-looking.

single crown implant

Who can do dental implants?

ราคา รากฟันเทียม

Anyone with missing permanent tooth can do implants. 

You will however need sufficient bone support for the dental implant to be successfully lodged and integrate with your jaw bone. For cases with bone loss or insufficient bone, your implantologist may recommend bonegrafts or sinus lifts to be done. This enable sufficient space and support hold the implant post in place.

What makes dental implant different to other missing teeth solutions (bridges and dentures)?

Benefits of dental implants to dental bridges:

  1. Protects adjacent teeth. When dental bridges are done, its side natural teeth are used as achorage support putting strain and biting load
  2. An implant crown prevents bone loss. It stands on its own and exercises the jaw bone constantly. 
  3. With good care, implants can last a life time. Dental bridges will need replacement over time.
  4. Implants can replace a multiple missing teeth more effectively. Long-span bridges are typically not recommended as it affects adjacent teeth.

Advantage of tooth implants to dentures:

  1. Secure and will not slip and slide as compared to dentures that are removable.
  2. Easy to maintain. The cleaning process for implants is the same as caring for natural teeth. 
  3. Natural-looking as implant crowns acts as like a new tooth root.
  4. Facilitates good chewing function and enables normal biting load 

Where should I go for my dental implants?

Chiang Mai International Dental Center (CIDC) has a dental implant specialist center:

  1. Our implantologists are well experienced oral surgeons each with more than 10 years of experience. Many of whom are also lecturer at their univeristy in their area of expertise.  We have american board certified implant prosthodontist. 
  2. All  implant treatment equipment and instruments at CIDC follows strict sterilization contols and verifications of selection of materials. We provide for a clean and safe environment to patients at all times
  3. Convenient location.  CIDC dental clinic is located in the main city of chiang mai.
  4. Abides by international standards. Our dental clinic in chiang mai uses ISO and JCI compliant standards for its control process flows.
  5. Well-establihsed dental network clinic. CIDC is part of Thailand’s award-winning dental clinic network group with over 12 years of experience in provision of dental services. 

Implant Replacement Solutions

single crown implant

Single Missing Tooth

Dental Implant crown

Single Tooth

Multiple Missing teeth

Tooth Implant Bridge

Multiple Teeth
full mouth implant denture

Full Mouth Missing Teeth

Implant dentures, implant full bridges, All-on-4 or zygoma implants

Full Jaw